The Art Of Oriental Calligraphy

                      خط الدیوانی                           

love and peace in diwani style 

                  Beauty is a visible love - in diwani script  الجمال هو حب مرئی " - خط دیوانی " 


 Deewani script is an Ottoman development parallel to Shikasteh (broken style). The script was largely developed by the accomplished calligrapher Ibrahim Munif in the late 15th century from the Persian Ta'liq. Deewani reached its zenith in the 17th century, thanks to the famous calligrapher Shala Pasha.

Like Riq'a, Deewani became a favorite script for writing in the Ottoman chancellery. Deewani is excessively cursive and highly structured with its letters undotted and unconventionally joined together. It uses no vowel marks. Deewani also developed an ornamental variety called Deewani Jali which also was known as Humayuni (Imperial). The development of Deewani Jali is credited to Hafiz Uthman. The spaces between the letters are spangled with decorative devices which do not necessarily have any orthographic value. Deewani Jali is highly favored for ornamental purposes.  





  (freedom does not die ) diwani script kakayi© 4-5-08  ان الحریه لا تموت " لورکا


          © ( The love in Birut is like God every where- poem by Nazar Qabbani)




                                                 ©  peace-love-freedom  in diwani scripts

                      To my teacher master calligrapher  Abdulkhaliq shawkat


                                   Perfection ,is the goal of every tru artist. ( L.Beethoven)








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