The Art Of Oriental Calligraphy



خط جلی الدیوانی


This style grew out of Al-Diwani and is more decorated style is.   Avariation of the Diwani, the Diwani Al Jali, is characterized by its abundance of diacritical and ornamental marks. the development of Deewani Jali is credited to Hafiz Uthman. the spaces between the letters are spangled with decorative devices which do not necessarily have any orthographic value. Deewani Jali is highly favored for ornamental purposes. this script is not in use for along calligraphic texsts .

This type of script was invented by the Ottomans and consisted of a more complex, ornately embellished and decorated form of Diwani. It was employed only in important documents connected with the Sultan or the Saray. It was a rather difficult type of script to read.  







                                   Homage to the great master calligrapher of Iraq  Hashim .m.al- baghdadi 1919 † 1973



              Photo of the Iraqi Master calligrapher Hashim Mohammad al Baghdadi                   


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